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Angular 2.0 Final Release 发布

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        9.15 中秋之际,Angular 2 官方博客正式宣告 Final Release.

今天,在 Google 总部一个特别的聚会上,我们发布了 Angular 2 的最终版, Angular 1 的全平台继任者。

Today, at a special meetup at Google HQ, we announced the final release version of Angular 2, the full-platform successor to Angular 1.

“最终版”意味着什么?意味着它的稳定性已经得到了大范围用例的验证;意味着它已经针对产品化、文件尺寸和性能进行过优化;意味着借助预编译技术和内置的延迟加载机制,我们可以确信你能发布出最快、最小的应用,并且横跨浏览器、桌面和移动平台;意味着为开发人员准备的 Angular CLI 和风格指南得到了大幅强化。

What does “final” mean? Stability that’s been validated across a wide range of use cases, and a framework that’s been optimized for developer productivity, small payload size, and performance. With ahead-of-time compilation and built-in lazy-loading, we’ve made sure that you can deploy the fastest, smallest applications across the browser, desktop, and mobile environments. This release also represents huge improvements to developer productivity with the Angular CLI and styleguide.

Angular 1 首先为新兴的 Web 技术解决了如何开发的问题。六年后的今天,开发人员面对的挑战是:应用程序必须支持多种多样、千变万化的设备。在这次发布中,我们有了更强力的路由器、表单和其它核心 API 。现在,你可以为任何平台构建酷炫的应用了。也许你会更喜欢用自己的方式工作, Angular 同样是模块化并富有弹性的,这样你就可以自由使用你喜欢的第三方库了??或是自己写一个!

Angular 1 first solved the problem of how to develop for an emerging web. Six years later, the challenges faced by today’s application developers, and the sophistication of the devices that applications must support, have both changed immensely. With this release, and its more capable versions of the Router, Forms, and other core APIs, today you can build amazing apps for any platform. If you prefer your own approach, Angular is also modular and flexible, so you can use your favorite third-party library or write your own.

从一开始,我们就在与开源社区合作来构筑 Angular 。我们要对大量的捐献者表示由衷感谢!他们奉献了大量的 Pull Request 、 Issues 和可重现的用例,他们为各个设计决策展开探讨和辩论,他们对我们的各个 RC 进行了验证和反馈。我们真心希望可以把你们中的每一位都带到我们的聚会现场,与我们一起庆祝这个伟大的里程碑!

From the beginning, we built Angular in collaboration with the open source development community. We are grateful to the large number of contributors who dedicated time to submitting pull requests, issues, and repro cases, who discussed and debated design decisions, and validated (and pushed back on) our RCs. We wish we could have brought every one of you in person to our meetup so you could celebrate this milestone with us tonight!

Angular 2.0 Final Release 发布


What’s next?

Angular 已经面世,我们怀着激动的心情欢迎您成为无数个用 Angular 构建应用程序的开发人员中的一位。那么, Angular 下一步打算做什么?

Angular is now ready for the world, and we’re excited for you to join the thousands of developers already building with Angular 2. But what’s coming next for Angular?

下面是一些 Angular 开发组近期要做的事:

A few of the things you can expect in the near future from the Angular team:

  • BUG 修复并对标记为稳定( stable )的 API 进行非破坏性变更
  • Bug fixes and non-breaking features for APIs marked as stable
  • 针对您的用例写更多的开发指南和在线例子
  • More guides and live examples specific to your use cases
  • 在动画方面展开更多的工作
  • More work on animations
  • Angular Material 2 库
  • Angular Material 2
  • 让对 WebWorker 的支持走出实验室
  • Moving WebWorkers out of experimental
  • 为 Angular Universal 开发更多的特性,支持更多的语言
  • More features and more languages for Angular Universal
  • 进一步提高速度,缩小体积
  • Even more speed and payload size improvements


我们得承认以前的 RC 版本标签有些扑朔迷离。为了让您在 Angular 的稳定版中管理依赖更轻松,从今天的 Angular 2.0.0 开始,我们将迁移到“语义化版本”规范。今后的 Angular 版本将遵循 semver 所描述的 MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH 方案:

We heard loud and clear that our RC labeling was confusing. To make it easy to manage dependencies on stable Angular releases, starting today with Angular 2.0.0, we will move to semantic versioning. Angular versioning will then follow the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH scheme as described by semver:

  1. 当对标为稳定的 API 进行不兼容的变更时,增加主版本号( MAJOR ),
  2. the MAJOR version gets incremented when incompatible API changes are made to stable APIs,
  3. 当添加了向后兼容的功能时,增加次版本号( MINOR ),
  4. the MINOR version gets incremented when backwards-compatible functionality are added,
  5. 当以向后兼容的方式修复了 bug 时,增加补丁号( PATCH )。
  6. the PATCH version gets incremented when backwards-compatible bug are fixed.

迁移到语义化版本方案可以确保我们的组件和工具等生态圈能快速用到最新特性。虽然即使保持了一致而可靠的开发环境,产品级应用仍然会依赖于主版本之间的稳定性,但这对 BUG 修复和发布新 API 来说仍然是显著的优点。

Moving Angular to semantic versioning ensures rapid access to the newest features for our component and tooling ecosystem, while preserving a consistent and reliable development environment for production applications that depend on stability between major releases, but still benefit from bug fixes and new APIs.  


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